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Handmade Products for Firefighters

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You have many choices when it comes to finding a front maker these days, which we support, But there are many things that will set us apart from the rest. While we are the largest hand made manufacturing Boston Device maker, there is more to it than just hand made. Our Patent leather hides are sourced from Italy of the highest crust and baked lush, Our satin leather hide finishes are sourced from right hear in the United States, which we we are extremely proud to be able to do and support the United States leather tannery economy. Our entire manufacturing process involes old fashion elbow grease and not a watt of power, in fact, our hand-crank  sewing machine is from 1927 and has never failed us yet. 

Fire Helmet Accessories


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About Trifecta Leather Concepts

Trifecta Leather Concepts is a manufacturer of custom accessories for fire helmets, serving customers throughout The United States. We know that firefighters shield needs to hold up in harsh conditions, so we create great products that won't let you down. Everything we make is of the highest quality. While this process  can sometimes be lengthy, the end result is worth it, we promise!

We are located in Smithfield, Rhode Island, approximately 40 minutes from Boston and 10 minutes from Providence. This area is rich with pride and tradition in the fire service, and we are proud to be a part of this community. This business is our passion, and we love being able to provide fellow firefighters with superior products.

Creator and craftsman, Gregory Brierley II, is a second-generation firefighter, career Firefighter in Rhode Island. He began making his own devices and found pleasure and satisfaction in the process. For the last 4 years has been the sole supplier of fire helmet devices for the City of Boston.

Mission Statement

To provide the best possible product at the fairest price possible.

"I am never let down with Trifecta leather concepts!
The craftsmanship is unmatched."—Bob O.


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We will reply at our earliest chance. Please do not inquire about an ETA. They are all hand made and will be processed in order. 

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